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Wholesale perfume Kiev
Male and female perfumes COCOLADY and MIRA MAX for wholesale customers from Kiev. The cost of the minimum wholesale order is UAH 1499.
Wholesale perfume Kiev


We accept wholesale orders for niche and classic perfumes from MAMOZIN. We offer long-lasting fragrances for men and women. Our assortment includes eau de parfum, parfumed oils, as well as car, room and textile fragrances. The quality and safety of products is confirmed by international certificates. We are ready to offer our wholesale customers unique terms of cooperation. You can leave the application on the website, or place it by contacting our managers.

When leaving the house, many forget that perfumes are also considered a part of the wardrobe, which should not be forgotten. It has long been believed that fragrances affect our self-esteem and mood.

Choosing the right scent is a difficult task, since you need to choose not only according to taste, but also take into account the season of the year, event and wardrobe. With all these parameters, you need to understand that it is impossible to find a universal fragrance for all situations.

How to buy perfume wholesale?

You can find natural, high-quality and original perfumes in the Mamozin online store. The range includes men's and women's fragrances for every taste and season. Nice prices and the help of our professional managers are guaranteed to please you.

If you have already chosen where to buy wholesale perfumery in Kiev, then you should go directly to the choice of fragrances. In the modern world, it has become popular to choose a perfume for the style of clothing:

  • business;
  • evening;
  • sports;
  • everyday.

If you choose a perfume for your style of clothing, then pay attention to the description of the product on the site. There, perfume compositions are described in more detail and sometimes it is indicated to which style of clothing they should be used.

Another parameter that should not be overlooked is the length of the scent trail. It is the train that should be begged and match the event you are going to attend.

When buying perfumes in bulk in Kiev, you need to take into account only personal preferences, versatility and purpose of fragrances, and most importantly, their relevance. Many people do not know, but the same perfume reveals its aromatic bouquet in different ways in warm and cold seasons. Ambient temperature does have a very strong influence on flavor development.

Details that you still need to pay attention to when buying perfumery wholesale:

  • aroma behavior after skin contact;
  • its resistance to clothing;
  • can it be applied to hair;
  • how long the train will be.

What you need to know when buying perfume wholesale in Kiev?

When going to the Mamozin online store, you should carefully study the assortment. Our filters will help you with this, which we have thought out in detail for a more convenient choice of perfumery. When buying perfumes in bulk, you will have to forget about the external parameters of the buyer, because you are choosing a perfume for more than one client. In this case, you should refer only to your own sense of taste. The only nuance that can affect the persistence of the scent is the type of skin. Before buying a fragrance, it is worth putting a little on your skin to understand how it behaves. This will give you an idea of ​​how the fragrance will behave on the new owner's skin.

The most important rule, which in no case should be violated, is the storage conditions for perfumes. Vials should be protected from direct sunlight and temperature extremes.

The Mamozin company sells perfumery wholesale and retail. All perfumes presented on our website are original. We, as a manufacturer, work without intermediaries, which excludes fakes of our products from entering the market.