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Perfumery for men wholesale
Mamozin men's perfumery is a unique collection of lasting fragrances made from natural raw materials. Read about the terms of cooperation with wholesale buyers here.
Perfumery for men wholesale


The Ukrainian manufacturer MAMOZIN offers wholesale buyers a line of men's perfumes under the Mira Max and Cocolady brands. Our collection includes over 400 product items. You can choose both evening perfumes and fragrances for every day. We manufacture products from natural raw materials. Product safety and quality is confirmed by national and international certificates. Place a wholesale order and our managers will make you a unique commercial offer.

Men's perfumery wholesale from MAMOZIN

What should a real man smell like? Probably, after thinking a little, only one answer comes to mind: delicious.

Yes, some representatives of the strong half of humanity are sure that a natural, natural smell (whatever it may be) should come from them. Pheromones will do their job anyway, and it is not necessary to smell of fragrances from famous brands.

But today, when socialization has reached its apotheosis, men's perfumery is very popular. Men themselves, realizing that fragrances in the modern world decide a lot, can buy such a product, as well as the fair sex for their surrounding men (for whom such a present, of course, will not be too intimate).

And let's say separately that in Mamozin, entrepreneurs can buy men's perfumes in bulk, because wholesale prices in our store will pleasantly please you and save your budget.

Men's perfumery from the manufacturer Mamozin

A masculine perfume tends to add extra context and depth to a look rather than the look. Build self-confidence with the Mamozin branded men's perfume.

Smell is one of the important five senses. Your scent will be the first impression of you when you enter a place. Perfume contains a huge amount of pheromones and can make you attractive to people, ensuring that the aforementioned first impression is pleasant and memorable. The scent that suits you can lift your morale and mood.

Men's perfume: how to choose the right one

The most important thing when choosing a scent is to check how it will unfold on the skin throughout the day, and how it will complement the image. Any perfume needs time to develop all the notes. Men's perfumery, just like women's, requires a serious approach. In addition to the season, individual characteristics and the natural smell of the skin also have an influence on the development of the fragrance. It's amazing that one perfume can take on a different scent on different people.

Where to buy men's perfume

The Ukrainian manufacturer MAMOZIN offers customers a line of men's perfumes under the Mira Max and Cocolady brands. Our catalog contains products made only from natural raw materials. All perfumes have international and national quality and safety certificates.

MAMOZIN is a high-quality and branded perfumery that will complement the image of a modern man.

Perfumery for men wholesale

The MAMOZIN company offers its cooperation to distributors and wholesale buyers. We produce men's perfumes under the Mira Max and Cocolady brands. We are ready to provide unique conditions for cooperation for our partners. We are the largest manufacturer of perfumes in Ukraine, which allows us to guarantee the quality and originality of products, work directly without intermediaries and the constant availability of a range of goods.

Delivery methods:

  • Pickup from Showroom Mira Max (Odessa, Osipova st. 50/52)
  • Delivery service "Nova Poshta" within 3 working days

Payment Methods:

  • Cash to the courier
  • Cash on delivery
  • Transfer to Privatbank card

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