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Mira Max
The largest Ukrainian perfume manufacturer since 2017. We use raw materials from the renowned French manufacturer Créations et Parfums. We are the only company in Ukraine that has received a license to import these products.
MAMOZIN is the largest perfumery manufacturer in Ukraine. The company successfully creates perfumed collections of its own brands: COCOLADY and MIRA MAX.

We create a wide range of products for men and women for personal use - eau de parfum and eau de parfum oils. Also, the MAMOZIN team is developing the direction of perfumes for household use. In our store you can buy car perfumes, aromatic diffusers for home and offices, as well as a perfumed textile freshener.

We produce antiseptics for medical and public institutions.

The total volume of the MAMOZIN perfumery assortment is more than 400 product units. Therefore, our company is well-known not only among retail buyers, but also continuously cooperates with large retail chains. The list of our largest partners includes the Epicenter retail chain, the Chic and Blisk retail chain, the Farmacia pharmacy chain, the Gaevskogo Pharmacy chain and the Aroma-Box online platform.

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Question answer
How long does eau de parfum last?

Eau de parfum contains up to 30% essential oils. The smell lasts on the skin for 5 hours, and on clothes - up to 2 days. You can “put on” a new scent every day to suit your mood. Wholesale COCOLADY and MIRA MAX branded perfumes can be purchased in 1 click.

How to order eau de parfum?

To buy perfumery wholesale in Ukraine, just click on "Quick Buy". They pay for the goods by cash on delivery, cash upon delivery by courier or transfer to a Privatbank card.

What are the delivery methods?

Delivery is carried out to any city in Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, Zaporozhye. In Odessa, the order is transported by a courier. Nova Poshta delivers a batch of branded perfumery wholesale to other cities. At the request of the client, we attract In-Time, Autolux, Mist Express.

How to choose a perfume?

To get acquainted with the composition of the perfume, it is necessary to put a few drops on a blotter (a thin strip of paper), wait a few seconds until the aroma "clears up". Then you can drip a little on your wrist. The most important thing is not to rub, as the aroma can change significantly. The initial note that you catch is the top (or top) note in the perfume pyramid.

How to apply perfume?

Perfumers prefer to apply a drop of scent to their hand and then lightly touch the hollow near the collarbones, in the chest area and behind the earlobes. Why are these zones, you ask? The fact is that it is there, near the surface of the epidermis, that the capillaries are located. Due to the pulsating blood, the aroma is actively revealed on the skin and is felt throughout the day.

Delivery service
The company "Nova Poshta" delivers within 3 working days.
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Brand perfumery wholesale in Ukraine from the manufacturer Mamozin

MAMOZIN is a natural perfumery wholesale at the lowest prices

It is very easy to order original perfumes in bulk: just contact our manager by phone or fill out a feedback form. Our representative will answer all your questions, as well as send a price list with wholesale and recommended retail prices. Shipment and delivery of products is carried out within 3-5 days.

Also, our consultant will tell you about additional services and advantages of cooperation with MAMOZIN. For example, we provide a Private Label service - the release of perfumes under your own brand. Our clients can produce their own quality perfumes, made in our factory and by our specialists.

Wholesale perfume in Odessa kits are assembled by hand by our staff. This provides additional quality control.

All our products are made from natural raw materials without the use of synthetic additives. This completely eliminates allergic reactions to the product or other harmful effects on the human body.

What else makes us stand out from the competition? Perfumery products are not included in the list of goods subject to mandatory official quality certification. However, it is important for us to produce safe and high-quality products, therefore, in addition to the mandatory conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological service, we annually certify perfumes at the state and international level. Note that we do not test our product on animals.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us by phone or leave a request using the feedback form. We will contact you as soon as possible and make an offer that is difficult to refuse! MAMOZIN will always be happy to help you build a profitable perfume business.

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